113 Widget Templates to Help You Increase Your Website Conversion

Idea Validation

Check your business ideas against the various questions and evaluate how they perform compared to each other.

Free Strategy Call Booking

Collects answers of visitors who would like to get a free consultation with a professional marketer

Online workshop registration form

Visitors register for an online workshop by leaving their contacts and receive gifts in return

Price Calculator

Collects contacts of visitors who want to calculate the value of a property in Dallas for free

Application form for widget selection specifically for your website

Visitor fills out a form and gets access to the database of ready samples for 10 business areas

Review form for online store customers

The customer answers questions and rates the service to get a gift certificate

A test about hemorrhoid development probability

After taking the test the visitor finds out the probability of developing hemorrhoid and receives an invitation to a free consultation


For collecting interactive applications for a free consultation with a professional financing consultant

Calculator of legal services costs

Collects visitors' answers to estimate the cost of legal services. A free consultation is offered as a bonus

Price calculator for a car from the dealership

Collects answers from visitors who want to find out how much a car they want to buy costs at the dealership

Application form to select a last minute tour

Collects applications from visitors who would like to select a cost-effective last minute tour

Creating FOMO

Collects emails of visitors who would like to increase conversion

Special offer

Collects emails of visitors who would like a chance to win a cash prize

For a lead magnet

Widget creates FOMO and offers the first lesson for free, but only if you provide your email

Quiz launch

Launches a quiz, in the end of which the visitor finds out whether he is good at business

For a gift

Collects emails of visitors who would like to get the advertising spaces database as a gift

For a lead magnet

Collects emails of visitors who are ready to subscribe in exchange for a discount

A callback order

Collects phone numbers of visitors, who are curious what the business coach can offer