Feedback & NPS

Increase the amount of leads of leads and purchases with WhatsApp trigger

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Themes Feedback & NPS
Themes Feedback & NPS
Themes Feedback & NPS
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Mobile Friendly

Works perfectly on any device

Custom Display Rules

Set frequency and display duration

Page Level Targeting

Choose where to shhow your notifications

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Используйте проверенные на практике способы поднять продажи и конверсию

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How it Works?
  • 1For Sturtups
    Collect NPC from your users
    Feedback & NPS
  • 2For Ecommerce
    Collect feedback from your store buyers
    Feedback & NPS
  • 3For Websites
    Measure usability
    Feedback & NPS

  • Up to 5x higher conversion rate compared to cold pop-ups

    Simple Editor
    Simple Editor - Feedback & NPS