20 Widget Templates to Help You Increase Your Website Conversion

Course Registration Form

Collects the necessary information for easy registration and processing of data. Students can ask questions regarding this registration.

Real Estate Consultation Form

Visitors leave phone numbers and questions to receive a free online real estate consultation

Software Survey Form

Software Survey Form used to get fast feedback about your new software product.

Car Rental Request Form

Collects date and time information, car type, pick-up details, contact information and further comments to rent a car.

Consultation Form

For collecting applications for a free consultation with a sales assistant

Online Doctor Appointment Form

Simplifies the process of scheduling appointments with your patients through easy collecting relevant information.

Home Loan Application Form

An application form to fast qualify for home loans. Allows customers to share their contact and income information.

Cleaning Service Booking Form

Collects visitors' answers to estimate the cost of cleaning service

Affiliate Signup Form

Collects referrer' contact and personal details with their PayPal account email address.

Tours and travels feedback form

Easy form to collect customer feedback of the tours and travels

Consultation Form

For collecting applications for a free consultation with a teacher.

Online Store Survey Form

Collects customer feedback on aspects of the online store.

Travel Inquiry Form

Provides you with the all customer information, traveler details, budget, tour preferences and more info.

Online Taxi Booking

Collects your customers address, allows them to choose their trip and select the taxi fare.

IT Service Request Form

Collects name, department, building number, email, problem category and all comments from your customers.