203 Widget Templates to Help You Increase Your Website Conversion

Order/delivery tracking form

Allows customers to track an order. Collects contacts of customers

Delivery feedback form

Delivery feedback form for receiving timely feedback on your delivery services from customers

Bug Tracker Form

Allows clients to report issues in your software

Patient admission form

Collects quick records of all incoming patients

Course Application form

Streamlines the tedious student application process for a course in a University

Product review form

Requests consumer reports and service feedback from your customers

Course evaluation form

Allows students to evaluate and critique a course. Collects contacts of students

Library membership registration form

Creates memberships for your library and keep track of all the books in circulation

Reunion Form

Tracks down the alumni of your institution. Collects contacts and creates a hassle-free RSVP list

Contact us form

Establishs personal contact with customers, accept business enquiries and receive feedback emails

Personality quiz

Helps understand what kind of leader are you. Collects contacts of visitors

Viral Social Quiz

Collects email adresses and visitors' answers to generate a person's "Dragon name"

Buy E-Book form

Collects contacts of visitors who want to grab a copy of your awesome e-book

Website ROI Calculator

Collects contacts of visitors who want to find out how much additional revenue they could make

Agency Lead Gen

Collects contacts of visitors who want to know about full digital agency offering

Personal Finance Quiz

Engages your audience & generates more leads

Travel Type Quiz

Collects contacts of visitors who want to know the best type of travel for them

Application for a free real estate consultation

Visitors leave phone numbers to receive a free online consultation