How to add and customize the Spinning Wheel

To add a "Spinning Wheel" on your page click on "Apps"(1) and choose "Spinning Wheel"(2):

Click on «Create New»:

You can choose ready made templates or use an empty:

You can choose one of two templates(2), as well as change the color of the background color and the button(3) at the "Design"(1) tab:

This is how template "White" looks like:

You can change the type of the template in any moment:

In the "Trigger" tab, you can configure the type(1), position(2), background-color, icon, animation and text of the trigger. There are 3 types of triggers (1): round, stickers and sliding out.  Here you'll meet 2 checkboxes: "Random position" - to set a random position on the page, and "Follow the scroll" - to define that the trigger will follow the scroll or not. You can change the size of the round trigger. And if you want to hide the trigger, just turn off the "Show trigger" switcher.

You can upload your own trigger icon (1) or choose from the ready-made icons (2):

Let's choose the "Gift" icon:

And change the background color of the trigger:

The trigger animation settings allow the icon to rotate (1) when you select "Roll" or sway (2) when you select "Swing" while hovering.

You can also change the text (3) on your trigger:

You can write the text for your widget in the "Content" tab:

Here you can enter the text for winning (1) and losing(2). You can easily change the names of gifts and their promotional codes (3) in the "Coupons" section:

This is how the default "Coupons" tab looks like:

Let's change the names (1), promotional codes (2) and the probability of winning (3) for each element:

You can add new coupons or delete unnecessary ones. After that, the values of the winning fields set by us appear on the wheel:

The same applies to congratulations in case of winning - the visitor receives the corresponding promotional code:

In the "Location" tab you can specify devices on which the Spinning Wheel will displayed on and set display rules:

After completing the settings, click the “Save & Exit” button and enjoy the work of the Spinning Wheel on your website.

Click on "Edit" or on the widget itself to edit it: