How to add and configure the Quiz

To add the Quiz on your website click on "Apps" and choose "Forms & Quizzes":

Then click on «Create New»:

You can also click on "Templates" to create the Quiz immediately using one of the templates we made:

You can choose the category of the Quiz or use an empty template. Let's create a new Quiz by clicking on "Empty Template" (3):

You can change the color of the background (1) and the buttons (2) on the Design tab:

Just choose the color or specify the exact value:

You can set the type, position, background color, icon, animation and the text of the trigger on the "Trigger" tab:

There are 3 types of triggers (1) for the Quiz: round, stickers and sliding out. Choose the type you need and define its position on the page (2). Here you'll meet 2 checkboxes: "Random position" - to set a random position on the page, and "Follow the scroll" - to define that the trigger will follow the scroll or not. The screen below shows the type of trigger "Sticker" for which we set a lower right position (4).

To choose the "Sliding out" trigger type (3) just click on the button "Sticker slide-out" (1) and define the position (2).

When you hover over this trigger, it slides out showing the text. In this case, it slides to the left:

For the round triggers (1) you can define the size between medium (2,3) and large:

Upload your own icon (1) or choose from ready-made (2):

For example, let's choose the "Briefcase" icon:

And replace the background color of the trigger with a lighter one:

You can set the animation for the trigger. It will "Roll" (2) or "Swing" (1) while hovering:

Write the text for your trigger:


In the "Content" tab you can define the required number of pages/steps of the Quiz.

Select the position of the Quiz on the first page ("Welcome Page"): horizontal (1) or vertical (2), and type the text in the fields. 

When you edit the text of any element, it's immediately displayed on the preview of the Quiz. If you need to make the text bold just select the desired fragment (1) and press "Highlight text" (2):

Add image:

If you have a bonus or gift for your visitors, add it by clicking on "Bonus message":

Then complete the form and click on "Save":

You can change the Quiz layout position from horizontal to vertical at any time:

This is how a vertical layout with a gift will look like:

If you don’t have a gift and you like the horizontal layout more, you can disable the “bonus” and switch the layout position:

To start creating quiz steps, click on the first page in the "Content" tab (1). Here you can add the required number of Quiz pages/steps or delete (2) them.

The content of each step depends on the selected page type (3) which can be inputs, a variety of answers or pictures, rating and more.

Let's choose the first type - this is the usual text input. Fill in the required fields. If you need more input just add it.

If you need another type of layout for this Quiz you can change it at any time. For example, you want to add a selection of answers by pictures, to do so select the desired icon(1) and click on"Add answer".  Please note that if you'll enable the check-box(2) your visitors will be able to choose not one but several answers:

You can also add pictures and captions for answers. If you want to create a calculator or test, then you need to assign a "Score" (1) for each answer and reveal the result at the end of the Quiz (2):

Here's the example of such questions:

If you clicked on "Allow multiple answers" then the visitor will be able to choose all 4 answers at the same time.

The same can also be implemented without pictures by choosing the "Text choice" type:

You can offer the visitor to choose some value. To do so use "Slider" type:

Fill in required fields and specify min/max values:

Use "Rating" type to rate online stores:

"Date" type is one of the most convenient options for the visitor to choose the right date for consultation ,visit, delivery and e.t.c.:

After creating all steps of the Quiz click on "Contact Page":

Fill in required fields:

If necessary, add the total result of all the answers for which you specified values ​​in the "Score" fields:

Also, you can add "User Agreement" and "Bonus message":

The last step here is the editing of "Thank You Page":

In the "Location" tab you can specify devices on which the Quiz will display on and set display rules:

You can set the Quiz to run automatically when the visitor intends to leave the page of your site. To do so, click on "On exit intent". Or you can set the exact time when the Quiz will automatically run (2). You can also implement the Quiz into the code of your webpage using HTML(3), and don't forget to name the link(4):

You can integrate the Quiz with your favorite applications here:

When all the work is done click on “Save & Exit” and enjoy the work of the Quiz on your website.

Click on "Edit" or on the Quiz itself to edit it: