What Lucky Lottery is and how it works?

Lucky Lottery is an interactive and gamified pop-up that helps to increase your email list and attract customers.

When you have installed and configured Lucky Lottery on your website, such animated buttons will be displayed in places that you specify:

You can easily customize the appearance of the buttons. Upload your images instead of default icons:

When your visitor clicks on the button (trigger), the lottery window immediately appears. The design of the lottery window is fully customizable:

The lottery window has fields that the user has to scratch by a computer mouse on the PC or by a finger on the mobile devices:

When a visitor scratches two fields, an email request form will appear. When it's filled in, you can scratch the rest of the fields.

You can define the prizes and chances of winning in the settings:

The user will receive a prize only if he finds 3 identical prize fields out of 9.