How to add a Lucky Lottery

To add a Lucky Lottery to your website, click on "Apps" (1) and choose "Lucky Lottery" (2):

Сlick "Create New":

Click on the "Use Template" (1) or "Use Empty Template" button (2):

Choose the template and click “Add” button (1):

Once you choose your template click "Edit" button on it (1):

Here you can see a large variety of settings. Let's start to edit lottery! Choose prize icon template, background and accent/buttons colors:

Fill out text on trigger, choose an icon or upload your own, select trigger position and appearance:

Here you can customize "Erasers", "Call to action" and "Thank you section" text:

Next tab is one of the most importance here. You need to add variants of the prize and set the chance of winning. "Coupons" field here defines the text which appears over the barcode when winning:

Next tab allows you to customize such important things as devices on which lottery will be displayed, uniqueness, impressions (visit Regular expressions (REGEX) cheat sheet page), and set auto triggers:

Let`s take a closer look at the "Auto triggers" settings. Enabled "On exit intent" setting will make the lottery appear when the user wants to close or change browser tab. The setting below will allow you to set the time after which the lottery will appear.

You can integrate your widgets with popular apps:

Click "Save & Exit" and enjoy the nice new feature on your website.