HoverSignal plugin installation is as easy as it gets, but notice that it works only with WooCommerce on your website.


1 Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen OR unzip the plugin archive to ‘/wp-content/plugins’

2 In the WordPress ‘Plugins’ page, activate the plugin.

3 Select “HoverSignal” on the sidebar.

4 Copy your API key. To find your API key, click "Site Settings" in the HoverSignal`s website settings:

Then click "Create an API key" for your app:

Copy your API key:

5 Done!


  • HoverSignal inject the javascript code to your website, to display notifications.

  • HoverSignal is a cloud based service and the plugin communicates with the HoverSignal servers, including remote webhook calls, data collected includes product details and customer details.

  • HoverSignal plugin relies on app.hoversignal.com for its work. The plugin uses API-key to connect with API app.hoversignal.com to output web notifications of the latest orders in Woocommerce.

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