How to add and configure the Forms

To add the Forms on your website, click on "Apps" and choose "Forms"(1) then click on "Create new"(2):


Click on "Empty Template"(1):


Or choose from the variety we prepared for you:


Customize design(1), set the properties of the trigger(2), define the content (3), choose where the widget will be displayed (4), and configure the integrations(5):


Let's take a closer look at the "Trigger" tab. Here you can customize the trigger anyhow you want. Choose the type, size, position, animation, text on the trigger, colors, and icons, everything is customizable:


The most important part of customizing the Forms is hidden behind the "Content" tab. The first thing you must do is to configure the "Wellcome Page": 


Then configure the "Middle page", where you can set your questions and inputs:

And don't forget to say thank you to your recipients.


In the "Location" tab you can specify devices on which the Forms will display on and set the rules. You can even set the Forms to run automatically when the visitor intends to leave the page of your site: just click on "On exit intent". Or, for example, set the exact time when the Forms will automatically run. You can also implement the Forms into the code of your webpage using HTML, in this case, don't forget to name the link: