How to edit signals

To edit a signal, click the “Edit” button (1), as shown in the screenshot below, or on the signal itself. Also, on this screenshot, you can see a switch (2), which turns on and off this signal on your website:

If you need to delete a signal, just click “Delete” button appears (1):

All changes will be shown on the left. You have various options. Highlight key points of your text. To do so, just highlight text on the “Text” field and click the “Highlight text” button (3).Create a call to action link here (4):

You can also easily customize the presence of the signal on the website: just click “Location” button (1) and choose between 3 options (2):

1 Show the signal in all of the pages except [page URL]. Choose “All pages, except” and type URL of the page in the field.

2 Or show the signal on the pages that you specify. Choose “Only on these pages:” and type one or more URL.

3 And last, but not least, you can use regular expressions. The list of regular expressions.

Don't forget to set display duration time (3) and frequency (4). Then just click “Save & Exit”.

Duration time shows, how much time will pass before the signal closes on its own.

Frequency means, how often this signal will be shown. For example, if you choose “Every page”, the signal will be shown on each page of your website, if you choose “1/2”, the signal will be shown on each second page, “1/3” on each third and so on.

We have an update here! Now you can choose the order in which signals appear during a user’s moving from page to page:

For example, select the "Second pageview" if you need a signal to appear only on the second page of the user's journey on the website, or select "Third pageview", if you need a signal to appear only on the third page and so on.

And you obviously already guessed, that if you select the "Even pageview" or the "Odd pageview",the signal appears only on the each odd or even page.

You can use several signals one by one. To do so, create several signals and set playback order by simply dragging the fields: