How to implement a random Words, Phrases and Numbers

You can randomise words, phrases and numbers in the social signals. This will help you to show more diverse notifications without having to create new ones.

Clicke "Edit" button:

The "Content" page (1) is the social signal`s text settings page. Here you can find such buttons as "Random Number" and "Random Word":

When you click on the "Random number" button (2),% random (73, 85)% appears in the text field. Numbers 73 and 80 in the brackets are the range of possible numbers from 73 to 80. You can insert any range of numbers.

The same with words and phrases: When you click on the "Random word" button (3), %words(Los Angeles,Washington)% appears in the text field. You can type any words or phrases by commas. They`ll appear in a random order.