How to add and customize Feedback & NPS

To add the Feedback & NPS on your website, click on "Apps" and choose "Feedback & NPS"(1) then click on "Create new"(2):


Click on "Empty Template":


Or choose from the variety we prepared for you:


Customize design(1), set the properties of the trigger(2), define the content (3), choose where the widget will be displayed (4), and configure the integrations(5):


The "Trigger" tab. Here you can customize the trigger anyhow you want. Choose the type, size, position, colors, and icons, everything is customizable:


Let's also take a closer look at the "Content" tab. First, choose the type of widget(1): Vertical or Horizontal. Edit the first page and add one more (2).


In the "Location" tab you can specify devices on which the Feedback & NPS will display on and set the rules. You can even set the Feedback & NPS to run automatically when the visitor intends to leave the page of your site: just click on "On exit intent". Or, for example, set the exact time when the Feedback & NPS will automatically run. You can also implement the Feedback & NPS into the code of your webpage using HTML, in this case, don't forget to name the link: