How to add and edit the Easter Eggs

To add the Easter Eggs on your page, click "Apps"(1) and choose "Easter Eggs"(2):

Click «+Create New»:

You can choose from ready-made templates from any category(1), or all categories or use an empty template(3):

Let's create Easter Eggs from the start. Click "Empty Template" then choose one of the 3 templates and click "Add":

To edit the widget click "Edit" or on the widget itself:

In the design tab you can choose from 3 templates(1) and also change the color of the background and the buttons(2):

Choose the color or define its value:

On the "Trigger" tab you can set the type, position, icon, animation type, and the text. Fill out required fields, choose the icon or upload your own, define the position and the color of the background, then save the settings:

There are 3 types of triggers (1) for the Quiz: round, stickers and sliding out. Choose the type you need and define its position on the page (2).Here you'll meet 2 checkboxes: "Random position" - to set a random position on the page, and "Follow the scroll" - to define that the trigger will follow the scroll or not. The screen below shows the type of trigger "Sticker" for which we set a lower right position (3).

To choose the "Sliding out" trigger type (1) just click on the button "Sticker slide-out" and define the position (1).

When you hover over this trigger, it slides out showing the text. In this case, it slides to the left:

For the round triggers (1) you can define the size between medium (2) and large:

You can set the background color of the trigger as well, as the widget itself in the "Design" tab:

You can upload your icon for the trigger(1) or choose the ready-made icon(2):

Trigger animation settings allow the icon to roll(1) or swing while hovering:

Type the text of the trigger:

In the "Content" tab, you can type new or edit current text:

Edit the name of the gift or the discount:

Here is you can find how is the screen will look like when your customer founds all Easter Eggs:

Design your coupon codes:

In the "Location" tab, you can select the devices(1) and configure the rules for displaying the Easter Eggs trigger (2-4). You can add the desired probability (6) of the appearance of Easter eggs on the page. You can delete (6) or add (7) new rules for pages using Page Filters.

Visit the "Integrations" tab if you want to integrate the widget with your favorite services.

After completing all the settings, don't forget to click on “Save & Exit” and enjoy the new wonderful widget on your site.