On-site Notifications

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For a lead magnet

Collects emails of visitors who are ready to subscribe in exchange for a discount

Creating FOMO

Collects emails of visitors who are interested in executive suites at 2018 prices

A sample of the service

Collects emails of visitors willing to sign up in exchange for a 70$ discount

Quiz launch

Launches a quiz that tells visitors how many clients they lose

For traffic redirection

Redirects traffic to the start-up's new service, which allows saving on web design

For a gift

Collects emails of visitors who would like a free legal consultation this week

A callback order

Collects phone numbers of visitors who would like to select a minivan to rent

To get subscribers

Collects emails of visitors who would like to receive special offers and gifts from the travel agency

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Mobile & tablet support
Modify design
Text color
Background color
Manage display options

Works perfectly on any device

Custom display rules

Set frequency and display duration

Page level targeting

Choose where to show your notifications

Easy Setup & Integrations

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